Pre / Post Party Cleaning

Planning parties for any event can be a difficult task as there are often many variables involved and various issues can arise throughout the process. Selecting a venue, finding a caterer, booking entertainment and inviting guests can take up a great deal of time. It is easy to forget about the cleaning aspect of a party with all the possible distractions a party presents. Joanne’s Cleaning Service is here to help ensure your party goes off without a hitch. We can help you prep for a party with a thorough cleaning of your event space/home and/or clean up after you and your guests so you can focus on enjoying your party without worrying about the mess that it will create. Let Joanne’s team take care of the clean!

About Pre/Post Party Cleaning

  • Cleaning up before a party: vacuuming carpets, organizing areas, mopping floors, wiping surfaces
  • Cleaning up after a party: taking out the garbage, vacuuming carpets, mopping floors
  • Book us for your Christmas party, birthday party, wedding or any other celebration
  • Booking for Christmas begins in October as it is our busiest time of year

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